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A guide on your credit score

The importance of your credit score

Credit Score or the CIR (Credit Information Report) is a three-digit number that determines your credit record or a summary of your credit history. It spans from a score of 300-900. The higher your range, the better is your credit score. Financial Institutions are generally interested in giving credit if your score is above 750. […]

Housing loans available in India

Types of housing loans that can be availed from banks and NBFCs

So finally, you got the big career break were working diligently towards and now you are financially capable of buying your own home. Good news is, in India there are so many institutions that are eager to fund your home via housing loans. Demand for home loans have risen twice over the last twenty-five years […]

Can a self-employed person self-finance his first house without family borrowing?

Can a self-employed person self-finance his first house without family borrowing?

Self-employment is when an individual works for himself/herself rather than being employed for another company. Architects, doctors, sole – proprietors and many other professions fall into this category. A self-employed individual can acquire a loan provided he/she is able to prove his/her income stability. Self-employed individuals will have to prove their ability to repay the […]

An update on the housing sales in Bengaluru

An update on the housing sales in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, a.k.a. the Silicon Valley of India, the IT hub, the capital of Karnataka, the place out of which many multinationals operate, the city of startups, lakes, age-old parks, dance villages and a land of architecturally splendid temples. The perfect weather and the vibe of the city. All these and many more make Bengaluru a […]

Issues faced by first time home buyers and the solutions to them

A guide to the issues faced by first time home buyers and the solutions to them

Buying your first home is a special experience that can hardly be matched by any other. But with the sky-high real estate prices, it is a daunting exercise, especially for first time home buyers. Even with aggressive saving and careful planning, we get nowhere close to gathering enough even for the initial down payment on […]

Advantages of Purchasing an Apartment in a Tier 2 City

5 Advantages of Purchasing an Apartment in A Tier 2 City

When it comes to a home, India is still very traditional in this sector, where people feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in purchasing an apartment as opposed to renting one. While the metros have reached saturation in residential real estate and buying a house has become a financial challenge, people are turning their […]

Reasons to buy a home and the obstacles to it

What are the reasons to buy a home and what are the obstacles to it?

Today we do not buy a house. Rather we buy a home. Statistically speaking a whopping 73% of the world’s population desires to buy a home or a property. Yet we are witnessing a consistent drop in this rate, especially with the young generation. There are certain factors that prove highly detrimental while buying a […]