PropTech trends for 2022 that are changing the industry

March 23, 2022 . Real-Estate Industry . 10 min read
proptech trends

While the rest of the world has become digitized, the real estate industry is a little late to the party. It is now making its presence felt in the online market and integrating various modern technologies to boost its functioning. A huge digital transformation is changing the face of the real estate industry, thus giving rise to the PropTech phenomenon. The technology being adopted in the Proptech world falls into two categories. The first deals with the best ways to enrich the relationship between the tenant and the client. The second sheds light and helps you make the best investments and select the perfect properties, along with handling its management. While these technologies have still not taken over in full force, there are several substantial changes being made to incorporate them into the real estate market. The future is bright for PropTech.

Now that you have a good idea of what PropTech is and how it will influence the future, let us take a look at some of the biggest PropTech trends of 2022 so that you can benefit from them while navigating the real estate market.

1. Artificial intelligence

There are several Artificial Intelligence focused services that are introduced to the real estate market as the latest PropTech trend taking center stage in 2022. These tools provide near-perfect forecasts of the real estate market. So, if the technology can make reliable predictions of the changes in prices of the houses in various areas, it could prove to be an extremely important tool. It can help you make decisions about real estate such as finding the best place to invest and the duration you should lease for. The most powerful real estate companies put artificial intelligence to use to identify the perfect spaces keeping you, the customers, in mind and ensuring budget-friendly prices. It makes the whole process much easier for everybody involved.

2. Virtual reality

Since we belong to a generation that lives in a world of cutting-edge technology, we expect the same in every sector of our lives including real estate. So just photos and panoramic shots of the property do not suffice. It can prove to be off-putting and fail to make a good impression. Plus, if the tech is outdated, it brings into question the modernity of the real estate that is being provided as well. So, it is crucial to opt for one that has employed modern technology and PropTech helps us to do just that.

In a world plagued with a pandemic, a 3D virtual tour is a perfect way for you to get an in-depth view of the property without leaving your homes. Since there are not merely still images, you get a live view of the property which is reliable. You can easily get a good feel of the property and plan to live in it only if you are entirely sure of it. In addition to this, you can get a good view of the surroundings as well. While it is not entirely new, this PropTech trend has picked up due to the pandemic.

3. Digital twins

With a huge amount of real estate information available online, if you are looking to become a homeowner you can find all the knowledge that you want by browsing the internet. Certain PropTech makes it easier it would be to choose a property if you can see multiple 3D models of each available real estate without wasting the time, money, and energy to actually travel to each location. You can also access other crucial data about the property and the area to find out if it is prone to any natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. You can also understand the condition of the structure and compare them to other potential properties. 

Digital twins have great advantages while the building of the property as well, so that the developer can assess the safety of the location. It helps take huge leaps in constructing secure structures that are safe from adversity as well.

4. Direct digital engagements

There are several virtual technologies that help you simplify the entire process and speed it up. Digital interaction makes in-person interactions redundant, while the automatic digital aspect of real estate engagement takes over. This PropTech is also a much safer option in these times of a raging pandemic. It decreases your need to travel and your exposure to unnecessary perils. The end result is the same as you can view the property in minute detail. Hence, technology that brings all of the real estate markets to your home is a PropTrend trend that is embraced wholeheartedly in 2022.


There are several PropTech trends that have picked up in 2022 to compensate for being confined to our houses. The need to own a house, however, does not just vanish. Buildings are still being built, developers still need to sell them, and potential buyers are still looking to invest. In these perilous times, PropTech is the perfect solution to keep the real estate market afloat. Get to know the trends mentioned above in-depth, learn how to implement them to your benefit, and end up with the perfect property you are looking for.

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